Welcome. Here you can find details of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy and Postnatal Mummy and Baby Yoga all located in central Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Pregnancy & Birth Classes

”I just wanted to say thank you! I found pregnancy yoga the most relaxing and positive experience in the run up to the birth. I used the visualisation and breathing techniques you taught us throughout my labour and it certainly gave me something to concentrate on. The midwife and my husband both commented how good my breathing was and I really think it helped me through the big event!”      Nicola and Emily


Having a baby is one of the most intense emotional and physical experiences of a woman’s life. Yoga can help you prepare in so many ways.

I’ve been teaching antenatal yoga since my first pregnancy 16 years ago. I absolutely and totally love it! I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job than that of helping women to find the confidence, strength and positivity to have the most wonderful empowered birth possible. An empowered birth can be any kind of birth from your planned cesarean to a water birth at home and everything in-between.

During my years of teaching I’ve gained lots of experience dealing with many pregnancy related issues such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, Pelvic Girdle Pain and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, which means I can offer you advice and suitable modifications.

I teach 2 different classes. Pregnancy Yoga (with Active Birth) and the Unity Birth Programme.

The pregnancy Yoga classes include the following:

  1. As a fully trained Active Birth teacher (trained by Janet Balaskas) I integrate Active Birth techniques into all of my classes.
  2. I teach breathing practices  throughout the classes which is the single most useful thing to help you keep calm  during labour.
  3. I use classic and adapted Yoga postures to help you strengthen your body helping you to stay active and energised during labour. These poses also allow you to find space, ease and comfort in your changing body.
  4. I will show you movements to help you connect to your body in an intuitive way which will help you to find useful and comfortable positions during labour.
  5. We always close the class with relaxation, visualisations and affirmations which are incredibly powerful techniques to help you feel really calm, confident and positive as you approach the birth.

Suitable from 14-40 weeks.

The Unity Birth Programme

From February 2018 I will be adding a comprehensive practical birth preparation course for mums-to-be. This is a 6 week course starting Tuesday 20th Feb, 6.45pm – 8pm or Fridays from the 23rd 10.45am – 12pm at The Yoga House. This course can be started anytime from 14 weeks.

  1. Hypnobirth for calm, confidence and pain management.
  2. Active Birth antenatal education (stages of labour, birth physiology, understanding birth hormones, how to create an optimum environment for birth, positions for labour etc)
  3. Breathing techniques for birth.
  4. Yoga for comfort, strength and flexibility.
  5. Optimum fetal position techniques.
  6. Mindfulness

Your first 6 week course is £72. 2 courses are £125 if bought together. Subsequent courses are £65. This includes access to the Unity Birth Partners scheme offering discounts with local therapists, practitioners and businesses who may support your pregnancy. You can do as many courses as you wish so the practices become deeply embedded. Alternatively you can move over to the Monday Pregnancy Yoga class to practice your breathing and help you remain strong and comfortable for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Sign up for one of the February programmes and get a FREE Pregnancy Yoga Flow DVD (worth £14.99)!!


The perfect compliment to the Unity Birth Programme is one of the Couples Workshop. These can also be done independently of the Unity Birth Programme.

Couples Full Birth Programme

Including KG Hypnobirth and Active Birth Antenatal Education

8 hours – £400 or £380 if you have completed the 6 week Birth Programme. These are private sessions in your home. This can be done over 4 evenings or 2 half days.

This includes the KGH book and audio downloads for home practice and a free copy of my Pregnancy Yoga Flow DVD.

Everything you need to know to approach the birth of your baby feeling confident and fully equipped. Including Active Birth education, The KC Hypnobirth training, massage for labour, techniques to encourage baby into best position, labour and birth positions, place of birth options and choices for births that may need some assistance.

Couples Birth Essentials

4 hours – £200 or £180 if you have completed the 6 week Birth Programme. These sessions are taught privately in your home.

For those wanting more top level information without the hypnobirth aspect, Birth Essentials includes all the Active Birth principles, birth process, massage for labour, positions for labour and birth,  place of birth options and choices for births that may need some assistance.

”I had been doing your preparing for birth yoga almost every day and it was a godsend when it came to it. I really felt like I was able to breathe through the whole experience.” Charlie H-B and Mylo

Time table and Costs

Pregnancy Yoga: Mondays at Flow 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Unity Birth Programme: Tuesdays 6.45pm - 8pm (from Feb 21st) and Fridays 10.45am - 12pm (from 23rd Feb). 6 week courses.


  • Unity Birth Programme 6 week Course: £72 for one or £120 for 2 (if bought together). £65 for subsequent courses.
  • Monday Yoga: £14 drop in or £13 if buying 5, £12 if buying 10.
  • Unity HypnoBirth Couples workshop: £400 per couple, or £380 if you have completed one 6 week Unity Birth Programme.

Spaces are limited so it is essential that you book. There is a strick 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes.

Term dates and details

Monday classes resume on the 8th Jan. Tuesday resume on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Friday classes resume on 5th Jan.

Monday evening classes can be booked via the Flow website (www.flowtunbridgewells.com). Tuesday and Friday classes need to be pre-booked via the bookings page on this website.

You can join the class at any point during the term, space permitting and as long as you are 14 weeks or over. All equipment is provided. It is not advisable to practice yoga on a full stomach. Wear loose comfortable clothing. The classes are done with bare feet.

Brigid Godwin: 07702 751 143