Vinyasa Yoga

These classes are open to everyone and are not baby related.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow is a strong, dynamic style of yoga where the breath is linked with the movement to create a flowing dance-like practice. It is inspired by Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga but the sequence of poses is more varied and creative. A dedicated practitioner will become strong, supple, focused, calm and grounded.

Tuesday evening is mixed ability class suitable for new students who are happy to work hard as well as more advanced students.

Friday morning is mixed ability and are suitable for everyone from complete beginners to those with a bit more experience as long as you are basically fit and well and up for something dynamic.

60 min class drop in £13. 4 classes £48. 8 classes £88.

75 min class drop in £14. 4 classes £52. 8 classes £96.


vinyasa class times



8pm - 9.15pm

strong core vinyasa - yoga house



9.30am - 10.30 

mixed ability core vinyasa - yoga house