I wanted to let you know that Mylo was born on 13th January (42 weeks + 6) at 1.44am at home. Had a great water birth and all pretty quick - 6 hours start to finish. I had been doing your preparing for birth yoga almost every day and it was a godsend when it came to it. I really felt like I was able to breathe through the whole experience. Particularly through stage 2 which was quite intense (that is the best word I can think of to explain it). Anyway it was amazing and so nice to be able to go upstairs to our bed all together afterwards.
— Charlie and Mylo

…your pregnancy yoga was vital in this birth - I honestly could not do it without having attended your classes.

Your classes are so empowering and have enabled me to turn a brutally painful experience into something that I could keep control of (just about) and be totally proud of doing.

Thank you thank you for everything you have taught me these past few weeks and back in 2015. You really are an inspiration and I recommend you to every pregnant lady I meet. I am very grateful indeed.
— Rebecca and baby girl (no name yet!)
Just a quick email to thank you so much for your wonderful yoga classes that I came to before xmas. They really gave me a fantastic grounding to work on and I continued to do as much yoga as I could until the birth. I am absolutely certain that it helped me with the labour and when I was told that baby was in a skewed position I knew how to shift him into a better one by getting him out of the pelvis, after which he came out v quickly..... I went from 4cm to giving birth within less than 2 hours.

Delighted to say we had a little boy - Dominic!

Huge thanks again for helping me to prepare for Dominic’s arrival.
— Emma and Dominic

I just wanted to email to let you know that our little boy arrived at 3.30am on Wednesday 23 July at 7lb 12oz. The yoga breathing was so helpful as well as the swaying movements. I also used the hypnobirthing and when I went into the birthing centre I was already 9.5 cms and gave birth by breathing him out 1.5 hrs later in the water. It really was a wonderful experience which I never would have thought I’d say. Thank you for the advice you gave in the classes as it really did make a difference.
— Charlotte and Wilbur

Please tell the lovely ladies at the yoga class that your lessons gave me a mental and a physical strategy with which to face the labour and birth, making me feel prepared and confident even though I had never done it before.
I found yoga breathing and my mantra most useful during the pushing phase, I really felt these techniques helped me get control of a tricky situation (I’ll say it again - 10.5 lbs) and I found the birth empowering in the end. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most worthwhile. I told myself my body was made to have this baby, and that I remained calm and determined throughout - it helped with each push, and that final phase lasted just 40 mins after a long labour.
— Helen and Zoe

Just to let you know that we had our little boy on Tuesday morning - two weeks early! I found all your advice to be very helpful- particularly the positive affirmations, which kept me (relatively) calm!
Thank you!
— Beattie

Hey Brigid, just wanted to send you a message to say how much I enjoyed the class last night. I went in having had quite a stressful week and my thoughts were all in a muddle but during the chill out time at the end of the class my mind was totally clear and I had a bit of an out of body moment that I can’t explain! I came to yoga mainly for fitness purposes but feel like it’s benefits for the mind are passing any expectations I could have had (of course, you already know that!) I’ve been to classes before but yours is the only one that has even touched on that side and I am totally hooked. My thighs aren’t thanking you so much today however (ouch!) but sure they will be in the long run! Hope you have a great day and the ☀️ makes an appearance to add to the post-yoga glow! Ali x
— Ali
I just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that my daughter Hannah was born on 23.4.15, and to thank you for all that you taught during the pregnancy yoga classes. I shall miss attending them! I found the classes invaluable both during my pregnancy, delivery and now after. I felt that they helped to prepare both my body and mind for a relatively quick, relaxed and positive birth experience. Whilst I must admit to often forgetting about my breathing during the 45 minutes of the pushing stage of labour, during the first stage all of the breathing techniques, positions and my positive affirmation helped me to cope calmly and positively whilst at home. I believe that this also helped me to manage delivery with only minimal pain relief - instead using a standing position and muscle strength to push strongly and effectively when the time came. Although I did forget about the breathing occasionally, the fact that it was so well practiced meant that the midwife only had to remind me before it kicked in again. Having done yoga since around week 20, I feel that recovery has also been quicker and less difficult than it might have been.

— Laura and Hannah

Just to let you know that we had our little boy so I won’t be at tonight’s pregnancy class! He arrived at 6.50am Thursday 27th at 8lb 12oz.

Both the yoga breathing, positions and hynobirthing were invaluable in keeping an almost protective bubble around us despite everything that went on.
So thank you ever so much for your positive mantras as it proved crucial in keeping me going. And crucial for both Stuart and I in looking back at everything positively. I look forward to the baby and me yoga soon.
— Charlotte

Just wanted to let you know that Rudy came into the world on 21 September! The ante natal yoga was invaluable for the birth and allowed me to survive on gas and air alone!
— Kate and Rudy
I just thought I’d let you know that my husband & I welcomed Mia Rose into the world on Sunday morning 😊 She has already stolen our hearts - we are absolutely smitten!

I had a natural delivery & a very quick labour (less than 9hrs from the first contraction & my waters breaking to delivery). I missed the chance to have any decent pain relief, as I dilated so quickly at the end so the yoga breath really helped me & I’m so glad I did the pregnancy yoga classes beforehand.

Mia is looking forward to her first baby yoga session in the not-too-distant future ☺️ I have attached some photos of her for you.
— Jess and Mia
Just to let you know Tiago Miguel was born yesterday at 4.10pm weighing 7Ib 5oz.

I managed to birth naturally in the pool and with the brilliant breathing techniques learnt at yoga.

Thank you so much for all your help and I am looking forward to joining your mummy and baby class soon.
— Sarah and Tiago

Thought you might want to know that Dorothy arrived on Friday evening in the water pool at Maidstone Birthing Centre weighing a healthy 7lb 15oz. We are all doing well and she’s gorgeous - thank you so much for all the yoga sessions which I’m sure helped me to breathe well and move throughout and deliver naturally with only gas and air.
— Jen and Dorothy