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All the classes are taught by me, Brigid Godwin.

I've been practicing Yoga for about 20 years, teaching it for over 18 years and helping mums to get ready for birth for the last 17. 

My Vinyasa Flow classes are very much grounded in the strength and power of Ashtanga Vinyasa which was my first yoga love, but my teaching has evolved over the last 12 years and I now teach more creative, playful and diverse sequencing.

My journey into teaching pregnant mums started in London in 2002. I had been a Yoga teacher for a couple of years when I fell pregnant with my first daughter. At the time I was a dedicated Ashtanga Vinyasa practitioner under the guidance of Hamish Hendry. One of my fellow students was a wonderful woman called Lynne Pinette. She was a pregnancy Yoga teacher, having been an Obstretric Nurse in the US. 

Lynne gave me one of the most generous and precious gifts that anyone has ever given me. She taught me how to look after my pregnant body with adapted Yoga and took me under her wing as an apprentice so I could learn, hands on, how to pass this vital information on to other women. By the end of my pregnancy I was teaching regular pregnancy classes at the Life Centre, TriYoga and the Portland Hospital. I had never imagined that I would feel confident enough to look after pregnant women, but I absolutely and totally loved it.

I have spent the last 17 years adding to my knowledge base. I've trained with some of the country's top natural birth advocates and teachers including Francoise Barbira Freedman (Founder of Birthlight Foundation), Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Janet Balaskas (founder of Active Birth Centre), Jill Benjoya-Miller and Michel Odent (pioneer of water birth). 

Over the years I've come across and learned about pretty much every pregnancy related issues such as carpal tunnel, pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, back ache, blood pressure issues, Mal presented babies,  etc etc.  I've trained with the people at Spinning Babies too so can help you get your baby into a good position for birth. 

I couldn't wish for a more fulling job, especially when I get the email or text message to hear that a new Yoga baby has arrived! 

I have 2 teenage daughters and now live in Crowborough.

TEACHING Experience

Before moving to Tunbridge Wells from London 12 years ago and setting up Unity Yoga, I was teaching regular Ashtanga Vinyasa, Dynamic Hatha Flow and Pregnancy Yoga classes at Tri Yoga, Holmes Place, The Life Centre and the Portland Hospital. 

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KG Hypnobirth Diploma 2017

Developmental Baby Massage  Certification Peter Walker, Active Birth Centre 2017

Active Birth Course Teacher Janet Balaskas and Jill Miller, Active Birth Centre 2015

Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher 2014

500 hour British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma Cathy-Mae Kerelse 2011

Foundation in Yoga Therapy Yoga Therapy Centre, London 2008

Paramana Doula Training Course Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammars 2007

Birthlight Postnatal Yoga Teaching Diploma Francoise Freedman 2007

Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Teaching Diploma Francoise Freedman, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli 2005

Anatomy and Physiology Certificate London School of Massage 2003

5 Month Apprenticeship in Pregnancy Yoga Teaching Lynne Pinette 2002

40 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Certificate David Swenson, Florida  2001

200 hour Ashtanga Teacher Training  Yoga Plus (Crete) 2000

I've also trained with Jennifer Walker from Spinning Babies in 2017 to learn techniques for getting babies into best position before birth.

I have studied and practiced with some of the worlds leading Yoga teachers: Shri K Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Jois, Derek Ireland, Radha, Hamish Hendry, Shiva Rea, David Swenson, Cathy-Louise Broda, Tias Little, Danny Paradise, John Scott, Lino Miele, Richard Freeman, Matthew Sweeny, Nancy Gilgoff, Anthony Carlisli, David Keil, Antonia Boyle, Michael Gannon, Gary Carter and Liz Lark amongst others.  

I've attended two 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreats and completed an 8 week Mindfulness course.